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The New 6D Embroidery Software is Here!!

For those of you that purchased the 5D Suite Plus and get the FREE 6D Update, you must make sure that you have registered the product so that you are labeled to receive the new 6D upgrade. Once you have registered, you should be receving or have already received an e-mail in your mailbox with a link and a code to update to the 6D Software.

The e-mail message will come from "Embroidery Newsletter -" and the subject will read: Free Upgrade to 6D Premier
Please check your SPAM folder to make sure that the e-mail is not there.

You will be given a Product Activation Code; this is unique to your dongle and is required to install to upgrade your software. You will also be given a link to follow to download the software as well as instructions on how to do this. If you are not having success with the download process and need help you can make an appointment in one of our locations and we will use a CD to install the software for a nominal fee.

Don't forget to ask us about Vantage - Software Support!

Want to see more about the 6D Software?       Click here and Check it Out!